Alimamy Kargbo

About 18 months ago, around a time that mangos were in full season, Alimamy Kargbo, age 10, fell from a mango tree and badly fractured his left femur.  By the time he was brought to Africa Surgery on September 14, 2020, a large section of rotten bone was protruding from his leg.  We immediately brought Alimamy to a hospital about 140 miles away where a surgeon from Holland confirmed our belief that the only way forward was amputation.  But upon X-raying the leg, it was discovered that along with the miracle that Alimamy was still alive and not dead from shock and infection, was a second miracle; Alimamy’s femur had regenerated and was healing 

Alimamy remains  admitted at the Seventh Day Adventist hospital in Masanga Village, Sierra Leone, where the protruding bone was extracted and the old wounds from his fall are receiving regular dressing.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

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