Kadiatu Bah

Kadiatu Bah, now age 18, suffered a high fever at age 3 that left her deaf.  After attending primary and secondary Schools for the Hearing Impaired, Kadiatu began studying computer technology at Africa Surgery’s base in Freetown.  Kadiatu is the first and only hearing-impaired student to be enrolled in any of our skills training programs. She is doing well.  Presently, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our skills training classes have been canceled.  However, since it takes extra effort for the instructor to communicate with Kadiatu, she continues to come to class and receive one-on-one instruction.  And because much of the communication requires lip reading, neither the student nor the pupil can wear face masks.  

Kadiatu Bah, who has been deaf since age 3, gets a one-on-one lesson in computer technology at Africa Surgery’s Skills Training Center in Freetown. 

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