Recovering patients at our village guest house

Three patients are recovering at our guest house in Sierra Leone. They were treated by a visiting surgical team from the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, with the help of Africa Surgery funding .

The two young men are keeping their legs elevated to prevent swelling after having had skin grafts. These were needed to ensure healing of massive sores caused by infections from 14-15 months ago.  The boy had a bone tumor in his finger removed and will again be able to use his hand almost normally.

Abdulai Jalloh

Abdulai Jalloh, 65, was struck by a motorcyclist about four months ago in Sierra Leone, leaving his upper-left arm fractured and with no hope of healing since the bone ends did not line up or touch each other.

On November 5 Abdulai was seen by a German orthopedic surgical team, Ortopaedie-Fuer-die-Dritte-Welte, visiting Sierra Leone. They determined that a metal plate could be implanted to mend the fracture.

Shown here being assessed by an anesthesiologist from the team, Abdulai could not stop thanking everybody. The surgery was completed November 6, with funding from Africa Surgery, and this will enable him to once again use his left hand and arm.

Osman Tarawallie

Osman Tarawallie, two years old, was brought to us by his mother on Sunday to remind us of the hernia he has had since birth.

Osman belongs to a family of poor farmers in Sierra Leone who cannot afford the $200-$300 required to have his hernia repaired.  However, without this surgery, Osman will live with pain and his ability to do heavy work will be very limited.