Santigi Sesay

Santigi Sesay, 7, lives in a small village in Sierra Leone. He has been suffering from an infection of his left jaw, resulting from a decayed tooth.  He stayed with relatives in Freetown, the capital city, for almost two months to undergo oral surgery.  The decayed bone was removed and the infection was brought under control.  

We hope that in a few months he will be fully recovered and able to eat solid foods again. When he and his Mom stopped by to greet me after his the procedure, he was unable to enjoy his beloved hard candy. He was sad! Hopefully that will change soon!

Jackson Kamara

Jackson Kamara, 72, was almost blind when he came to us.  We took Jackson to the Baptist Eye hospital in Lunsar, Sierra Leone, where he had cataract surgery in his right eye on March 1 and to his left eye on March 4.  

I went to visit him on March 5. He had regained vision in his right eye and he told us: “I am very, very happy.”  As soon as his left eye patch is removed, he will see clearly from both eyes. 

Aminata Kamara

Aminata Kamara, 37, was disabled by polio as a child.  Years ago, Aminata earned a certificate in tailoring at vocational school,  but she never managed to acquire a sewing machine.  She could only do piece-work in other tailors’ shops, and only if a machine equipped with a hand crank was available.

Africa Surgery gave Aminata a sewing machine, powered by hand, which was donated and shipped from Holland. Africa Surgery also designed and built an adjustable table and chair for her, using 2 surplus walkers and some boards. Aminata, who lives with her husband and two children on a settlement for polio victims, now is able to work from home.

Bafudia Kabalo

Last week Africa Surgery distributed mobility carts to 10 disabled people in the town of Kabala, about 190 miles from Freetown. One of the recipients was Bafudia Kabalo, a 65-year-old man who had lost his left leg six months earlier. 

Bafudia’s daughter/helper, in the picture, brought him to Bafudia. He will now be able to transport himself, his tools and his produce to and from his field. 

Fatmata Sesay

Fatmata Sesay, age about seven, was born with two clubfeet.  Africa Surgery had Fatmata’s left foot corrected in November, 2016, by a specialist surgeon visiting Sierra Leone with the German-based org. Orthopaedie-Fuer-die-Dritte-Welte (0-D-E,  When he returned with the O-D-E team in October,  Africa Surgery arranged and funded him  to correct Fatmata’s right foot, and also to correct the left foot of another clubfoot patient.   Fatmata’s smile while recovering was thanks enough for us