St. Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired and Loreto Clinic

Both institutions are located in Makeni. They were founded and are being run by the Sisters of St. Joseph in Cluny, a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in 1807. Located around the world, its members perform a variety of charitable works, but they devote themselves especially to missionary work and providing education for the poor.

The Loreto Clinic has been in Makeni for 25 years, with two more locations in Sierra Leone. It was virtually trashed during the civil war, reduced to a suitcase with some medicines. It provides out-patient non-surgical medical services (post-natal care to mothers and babies, infant nutrition to malnourished children, general medical assistance including lab services). It is one of two facilities in the country to treat epilepsy patients. In spite of the Catholic affiliation, the Clinic provides its services irrespective of religious affiliation. Africa Surgery pays the Loreto Clinic for services rendered to our patients, thus providing a source of steady funding for the institution.

St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired has provided care and special education for hearing impaired children from across Sierra Leone for more than 30 years. Today, the school welcomes 215 students, including more than 70 boarders, and is run by a committed staff of 50, including teachers, carers and administrators. They teach primarily communication skills with emphasis on lip reading and sign language, bedsides vocational skills such as agriculture, carpentry and tailoring. Many students are fitted with hearing aids, when needed. Africa Surgery, through its Sponsor a School Child Program, currently pays for the education of 16 children of the School.

The school is currently closed due to the Ebola crisis – READ MORE!