Trip Reports

An ORMS technician assists while her friends look on

Fatmata Sesay

A massive mudslide killed over 1000 people, many buried alive while sleeping, in the early morning of August 14, 2017. It was the worst (but not the first) of such disasters to occur in Freetown, where coastal mountains are overpopulated by impoverished people who cannot afford plots on more levelled terrain.

Jariatu Koroma

She was born with a badly deformed lower right leg. At 7 months, in 2010, she had her first surgery when the Mercy Ship was anchored in the Freetown Harbor. Africa Surgery arranged a …

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Alpha Kargbo

Alpha Kargbo was first visited in October 2016 by two orthopedic surgeons from the German-based organization Ortopaedie-für-die-Dritte Welt (O-D-W). They hoped to be able to save his badly infected right leg.  Alpha, age 8 …

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Moribah Tommy

Moribah Tommy, a crippled, hard-working blacksmith, was one of the many disabled persons who were on the waiting list for a mobility cart.  In 2018 and early 2019, Africa Surgery had distributed 60 …

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Update From Tom

I have been back for more than three months now after spending over one year directing our programs in Sierra Leone.  Schools were opening when I left and, thanks to the help of many …

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