David Dominic Grant

David Dominic Grant, 16, has been living with an unrelated guardian since becoming an orphan in his early childhood.  David is a hard-working student who always ranks first or second in his class standing.  David’s guardian is a primary school teacher who, like many teachers in Sierra Leone, does not receive a salary because the government has not yet registered her as certified, and this after eight years of voluntary work.  She can only get money by doing private tutoring or selling goods in the market. 

For the past several years, through Africa Surgery’s student-sponsorship program, David has been getting support for his schooling from husband-and-wife donors in America.  Africa Surgery had already been paying the rent on the small house shared by David and his guardian.  But David has often attended class on an empty stomach.  So, recognizing that “an empty bag cannot stand,” we began to subsidize his feeding with extra funds provided by his generous sponsors.  David is one of over 100 students receiving help to attend school through our student-sponsorship program.  

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