Sponsor a School Child

This has been one of Africa Surgery’s most engaging programs. For a donation of only $200, Africa Surgery supporters can sponsor one child’s primary or secondary education for one year. The donation will cover:

Sponsored children reside mostly around Freetown, Makeni and Lungi, where Africa Surgery has a suitable field organization.

Due to our limited manpower, we can handle a maximum of 100 sponsored children per year. At present, we have 92 children actively sponsored and regularly attending school. 8 children are on the waiting list to become part of the program.

Sponsors receive a photo of their child, plus a “thank you letter” at the end of the school year.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, write to Tom. Please, specify that you are interested in the “Sponsor a Child” program.

Sorie Kargbo is a recovered spinal surgery patient and currently part of this program
Another happy child going to school thanks to our program.
Masongbo children members of our “Sponsor a School Child” program.
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