Africa Surgery is routinely confronted with cases of abdominal pain and urinary difficulties, which often need to be referred to hospitals for medical and/or surgical treatment.


The most frequent operation is hernia, with almost 1,000 people treated so far and hundreds patiently waiting for their turn. A hernia operation in Sierra Leone costs between $125 and $150, completely funded by Africa Surgery for eligible patients.


Other surgeries include appendectomies and treatments of urinary blockages. OBGYN problems, including the need for c-section surgery, are screened and treated at Africa Surgery’s expense, by the OBGYN ward of the Holy Spirit Hospital. This ward was generously equipped by the One Women’s World Health of Sierra Leone.

Brima Jawara, at age 7, was using a catheter due to a urinary blockage. He was sent to Ghana, where a pediatric surgeon corrected his problem with a minimally invasive procedure.
Ali Kabia, 9, with his grandmother, recovering from hernia surgery at Holy Spirit Hospital
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