Many patients contact Africa Surgery with an abscessed jaw or a tumor mass around their face. They are routinely referred to Dr. Don Davis in Freetown, the only Sierra Leonean oral surgeon in the country.


Abscesses are treated medically and surgically by removing the infection and reconstructing the jaw. When tumors prove to be operable, Dr. Davis works in conjunction with maxi-facial surgeons visiting from abroad. Malignant tumors caused by Burkitt’s Lymphoma are successfully treated with chemotherapy.


Africa Surgery has provided and paid for over 100 cases of oral infections and over 26 cases of facial tumor removals.  We have sent 19 patients with facial tumors to Ghana or Kenya for surgical treatment and facial reconstruction.


Hassanatu Bangura before chemo treatment
Hassanatu Bangura after chemo treatment
Mohamed Musa before surgery
Mohamed Musa after surgery
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