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Bai Sesay
Many people in Sierra Leone go blind due to infections that can often be cured. Some eye ailments, such...
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Adema Tarawallie/Ponti Tarawallie
Adema Tarawallie, age 40, first came to us in July 2020. For five years a bone tumor had been growing...
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From Ukraine to Sierra Leone: a success story
There is no school of Dentistry in Sierra Leone. So, in December 2016, Dr. Don Davis, our oral surgeon...
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A Moment To Relax
During the African Soccer Cup last January, Sierra Leone managed to hold defending champions Algeria...
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Our Skills Training & Tailoring Program
We share our base in Freetown with one of our partner organizations: Orthotics Rehabilitation and Medical...
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Dental Care: An Unexpected Event
Averaging 50 patients per month, tooth pulling is by far Africa Surgery’s most far reaching program,...
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