Foday Conteh

Foday Conteh, 40, is suffering from an extreme infection in his left jaw which is destroying the jaw- bone’s joint. The infection was probably caused by a decayed tooth. It is not likely that the joint can be salvaged, but we are hoping that the infection can be brought under control through medication and surgery by Dr. Davis, the oral surgeon in Freetown. Foday’s condition is the worst of the eleven patients with abscessed jaws under Africa Surgery’s care. 

For impoverished persons since 2014, ASI has been having slightly-decayed teeth restored through drill-and-fill procedures, and badly decayed teeth extracted by another local oral surgeon at the Government Hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone. This program, which averages treatment for over 800 patients per year, not only relieves people of pain but reduces the number of cases that develop from decayed teeth to full blown abscesses such as Foday Conteh’s. 

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