Matilda Kamara

Matilda Kamara was crippled by polio as a child. Through the ASI Student Sponsorship program, Africa Surgery is sponsoring Matilda to attend university and obtain certification to teach primary school students. Matilda now runs pre-school sessions for the young children of other polio victims. She had special uniforms made for them by another polio victim and member of their polio community. These children all need to attend regular classes at certified primary schools but are in need of sponsorship because they are the children of disabled parents who cannot afford to pay the required school fees and other school-related costs. 

Matilda Kamara, (in her wheelchair) her teacher’s aid, and her pre-school students. She is hoping for sponsorship help from Africa Surgery donors for her students who now need to start attending classes at a government registered primary school.

It only costs $200 per school year to sponsor a child through ASI’s sponsorship program. This will cover his or her school fees, will supply two school uniforms, one pair of shoes, school books and other supplies. In return all sponsors will receive thank-you letters and one or more photos of their students when I return from my next working visit to Sierra Leone. School starts in September. For more information you can email me at, or call me at 973-292-3320.

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