Aminata Koroma

Aminata, now age 27, suffered from a tuberculosis infection of her spine when she was a child.  Africa Surgery funded complete anti-TB treatment for her in 2009.  By 2013 her TB had cleared up and her spine fused.  Aminata still suffers from a severe spinal deformity that drastically reduces her height, but the condition does not slow her down.  Last year Aminata completed a two-year course in Tailoring at our Freetown base.  She will be a great help to her two disabled housemates, one of whom has also completed our Skills-Training-in-Tailoring course.

 I never had a child of my own, but I felt very much like a proud father at his daughter’s graduation when we presented Aminata Koroma with her Skills-Training-in-Tailoring certificate on May 30, 2020.

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