Tom’s Update – Dec. 20, 2014

The Ebola virus is still ravaging Sierra Leone, where the number of reported cases as of December 20 is almost 9,000 and the number of deaths from Ebola infection might be as high as 400 per week.  This is leaving thousands of children as “Ebola orphans,” having lost one or both parents and some having lost many members of their families.  Many of these children have themselves survived Ebola infection.  Because of the fear of contracting Ebola from these children, many are not even taken in by members of their own extended families, and are left on their own to survive in the streets.

Since 2004, the St. George Foundation has been caring for street children, many orphaned by Sierra Leone’s civil war.  The St. George staff recently identified over 100 “Ebola orphans.” Africa Surgery is teaming up with the St. George Foundation to provide care to as many of these abandoned young children as possible.  Using funds provided primarily by Africa Surgery, these children are now being brought into the St. George orphanage near the capital city of Freetown.  They are given any additional medical care needed, as well as all basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and emotional support.  Most will stay at the St. George facility for three-to-six weeks until their extended families can be contacted and convinced and trained to take them in, or until foster parents can be found and trained.

For additional information on the tragedy of Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone, read this article.

Here are some of our most recent guests at the orphanage.


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