Adema Tarawallie and Ponti Tarawallie

Adema Tarawallie
Adema Tarawallie

Adema Tarawallie, age 40, first came to us in July 2020.  For five years a bone tumor had been growing and consuming her lower jaw.  Dr. Davis, the oral surgeon mentioned above, can remove her tumor by removing her entire lower jaw, but he does not have the necessary equipment or the titanium implant needed to reconstruct her face afterwards. 

We are currently getting passports for Adema and Ponti.  They are two of nine Sierra Leoneans with various facial tumors whom we are hoping to send to Accra, Ghana. In Accra there is a hospital with the needed equipment, supplies, and surgeons who will be able to successfully treat them. 

He reached Poland on March 1, after standing in lines for many hours and walking hundreds of miles, always carrying his heavy bag.  We paid for George’s trip from Warsaw. After a night in Germany, he continued on to Freetown.  We picked him up at the International Airport in Lungi, early on Sunday morning, March 13.  By that afternoon we had crossed the harbor on a ferry and George reunited with his relieved parents in Freetown.  Now he is ready to work with Dr. Davis and for many of our patients who need oral care.

We don’t have funding for all nine of these needy patients. Can you help us send more than two patients to Ghana for surgery?   

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